Aardia – Fairy Tales From Beyond

Earlier they already released a demo cdr, but this mini cd with four tracks is the first regular release of Aardia. The title and the artwork directly lead you to a fantasy/medieval direction. The first track ‘The Summoner’ opens with sounds that remind you of activities at a medieval court. I have to think of the American medieval project The Soil Bleeds Black. Then a medieval organ starts playing the melody, accompanied by heavy drums, grave male and sweet female choirs. The music sounds solemn and bombastic, and contains a atmosphere of expectancy, well-suited to be used in a film soundtrack, just before a fierce battle breaks loose.

The other three tracks follow similar paths: a combination of fantasy samples like sword fights, neo-classical (synthetic?) melodies and overwhelming choirs (there is no real singing on this cd). A song like ‘Call To Arms’ is a little less bombastic, reminding of Weltenbrand or Die Verbannten Kinder Eva’s, while ‘The wandering’ makes me think of Pazuzu. The fifteen minutes that Aardia fills on this release are really pleasant to listen to. Perhaps not entirely original and a little simple at times, but highly enjoyable. I wish I didn’t have to wait till Christmas for the thrid part of Lord of The Rings…

You can listen to the tracks of this mini cd through the website of Aardia.

artist: Aardia
label: Witchcraft & Folklore
details: 4 tracks