Ab Ovo – Empreintes

It is only a little more than a year ago that Le Temps Perdu was released. That record still is a brilliant piece of ambient music. The same tension and wonderful moods are to be found on this sequel Empreintes.

But, Ab Ovo succeeded again in producing an interesting album that has a face of its own. Only when listening more closely to Empreintes you will discover the subtle but very evident differences with their previous work.

Most clear are the more playful elements. Examples of this are ‘Night is my time’ and ‘Stella Maris’. Also at times Ab Ovo seems to sound more organic as before, like on ‘Les filels du vent’.
The most important thing to me is that Empreintes is just a very good album that will get you in a dreamlike state immediately.

artist: Ab Ovo
label: Ant-Zen
details: cd, 10 tracks [ACT176]