Ab Ovo – Le temps suspendu

Ab Ovo takes its time to produce a record. In more than ten years there have only been a few releases. This project however has proven more than once that quantity and quality have nothing to do with each other.
Le temps suspendu… is an electronic record that you will catch the attention of the listener immediately only to let it go after the last track. The mysterious and dark sounds are tranquil but always beautiful and surprising and the melodies and rhythms complement each other well.

Like in ‘Timewarp’ where the rhythms make place for a while to give the nice sounds some more space. Also the opposite happens as in ‘Léane’ in which the rhythm is dominant but never pushes the sounds into the background.

It is not only on ‘Horizon vertical’ that Ab Ovo sounds like Biosphere. This whole record has references to the music of Geir Jenssen, only with warmer sounds. Le temps suspendu… consists also of a second cd with remixes on it, done by Von Magnet and Mimetic amongst others. These remixes are a bit more dance-orientated as the original versions. But still the nice atmosphere has been kept intact.

It will probably take some time to complete another album after this one. As long as it will be as good as Le temps suspendu… it won’t matter. Until then there is this record, that still has much to be discovered for the adventurous listener.

artist: Ab Ovo
label: Ant-Zen
details: 2cd, 21 tracks [act158]