Acid Ice Flows – Dol Gurdur

Recently I received a promo cd from this new act. This is a rough version of an album that Acid Ice Flows hopes to release ‘officially’ in the future. According to the website, ‘Acid Ice Flows is the (for now) solo project of Gollum. Gollum listens to and is inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Coil, Ministry, Front Line Assembly, Godflesh, and a host of other bands.’ That is a diverse list of influences, and means that we are dealing with electronic sounds here.

Well, the music of Acid Ice Flows can be described as midtempo emotional electronic music, with some darkwave influences. Nothing extreme here, I can’t say that I can hear the influence of Godflesh in this music. Most compositions are rather good, although overall a little more variation would be desired. The sound is very clear and the electronic music sounds rather mature. The vocals need a little working on in my opinion, at times they sound a little flat and nasal. A track that stands out is ‘The pain subsides’, that is a little darker than the rest, it even reminds me a bit of Suicide Commando. I also like ‘Surrounded’, a subtle slow song. A few tracks have a clear 80’s wave feel like “Eternity’ and ‘Wind’, a nice poppy synth song. All in all a decent release by a promising new act.

artist: Acid Ice Flows
label: One Ring Records