Actor, The – Covergirl EP

The Actor is back in business since a few years. Following the compilation “Trumpett Sounds”, on which three songs by The Actor were included, Enfant Terrible now has an EP out completely devoted to The Actor. And this time not only with early 80’s material, no, The Actor completely re-recorded the classic 1982 song ‘Covergirl’! The record contains both the original and 2005 versions, as well as fresh remixes by Porn. Darsteller and It & My Computer.

For the new version The Actor has used comparable analoque equipment as in the old days. Their musical style has not changed too much, only the new recording sounds more dynamic, with a clearer and more powerful production. ‘Covergirl’ is a fresh uptempo electro track, with a catchy melody and a cool beat. The lyrical theme comparable to Kraftwerk’s ‘The model’. The vocals and lyrics give it that naive twist, which is characteristic for a lot of classic minimal wave/electro. Especially the new version of ‘Covergirl’ instantly invites you to dance and sing along. I’m curious if this track is an indicator of what we can expect from The Actor in the future.

The two French remixers manage to give the song their own personal interpretations, which could not be called remixes. Porn.Darsteller slows the song down and gives it a threatening dark undertone. The vocoder voice enhances the cold, mechanical feeling.
It & My Computer almost turns the song into a sweet and poppy lullaby. For some reason I have to think of The Velvet Underground while listening to ‘Pretty Girl’. Both acts from the Invasion Plan├Ęte stable prove their creativity in these almost unrecognisable but interesting interpretations.

artist: Actor, The
label: Enfant Terrible
details: 10", 4 tracks, 2005