Aeoga – COAV

Aeoga is a somewhat mysterious project with a definite talent for creating dark ambient-ritual atmospheres. Consisting of two anonymous individuals from Northern Finland, the pair make the reason for their elusiveness clear on their website: “At the moment the project wishes to focus all the energies to the realization/creation process itself… there is no need to ‘personalize’ the actions any further…”

The results of this intriguing approach can be found on the project’s debut release: “COAV”, released by the Aural Hypnox label (also the home of Halo Manash and Zoät•Aon). None of the tracks from “COAV” are titled, contributing to the anonymous/dislocated feel of the project. While crashing cymbals and organic drones reach a piercing level of intensity at times, the dominating tone of the work as a whole is one of a dark and ominous calm.

Transitions from tranquil to thundering are smooth; nothing seems rushed. Rather, textures seem to naturally evolve from peaceful to forceful and back again. Except for the last, all of the tracks are seven minutes or longer in duration- offering a ritualistic mood. There is a similarity between the eight tracks, but each remains distinct from the others: just as Aeoga remains distinct from other notable acts working within similar dark ambient/industrial genres. A superb effort!

artist: Aeoga
label: Aural Hypnox
details: 8 tracks, 65 minutes, 2004