Ai Phoenix – The driver is dead

Although Ai Phoenix sound like they come from somewhere in Texas, they are actually from Sweden. Ai Phoenix combine sad guitartunes with subtle drums and lush female vocals, sometimes backed by male vocals. These form an incredibly moody and often depressing atmosphere, which is now and then penetrated by a touch of light.

This album is released on Autonomy Recordings, the label of Ultrasound member Rfovetz. It is a re-release of Ai Phoenix?s album on Racing Junior records, and contains a bonus track that was originally released on the ?Happy to get her? 10? compilation on Racing Junior.

The album contains 13 tracks of post-rock and country influenced songs of an amazing quality and comes totally recommended for everybody who is ?into? the wide category between Calexico and Portishead, Tip!

artist: Ai Phoenix
label: Autonomy Recordings
details: [Aut c2011]