Ait! – Fiori di Carne

Punch Productions is a label that releases wayward and non-compromising music in limited and special editions. This lp by AIT! is musically hard to define. Judging only on the visual aspects of this picture disc (with erotic / SM paintings that are done in a stylish way) this record is a great item to own, even without the music.

The music itself is a collection of sounds and noises that are made into songs. You might call this post-industrial due to the electronic character of the music and the dark and often haunting atmosphere. But, there are probably more definitions that suit this music.

A song like ‘Make War Not Love’ is into the minimal electronics vein and wouldn’t have been out of place on one of the weirder Invasion Planete releases. Some other tracks sound a bit jazzy and circus music like, reminiscent of music The Legendary Pink Dots make at times. ‘Salve o Regina’ on the other hand sounds bombastic, more or less like Der Blutharsch.

Above all Fiori di Carne is an experimental record that reminds me of Throbbing Gristle and the way they defined industrial music. A song like ‘Animals Factory’ is in more than one way similar with the music of these pioneers of the genre. That said it will be clear that this lp is no easy-listening, but worth every second of your time.

artist: Ait!
label: Punch Records
details: 13 tracks [pp03]