Alex Nôrinh – Unrest

Alex Nôrinh is the name of the new discovery of the dark elektro label Kommando 6. The title of this EP couldn’t have been chosen better as the minimal elektro on this record leaves a haunting and disturbing feeling over you. Minimal bleeps and clicks are supported by dark bass lines, cold and detached is the music Alex Nôrinh serves us.

The spacey ‘AmFP: Race to the Bunkers’ is a great soundtrack for a 50’s B sci-fi movie, and much more haunting as ‘The Pyreoan Cave’ is seldom heard in the genre. The most danceable track is ‘Desperate Conscription’ due to the pulsating bass and its clear rhythm. But despite this the track will most likely leave most dancefloors empty with its scary mood.

Unrest is therefore mostly recommended as a soundtrack for dark sci-fi movies and will certainly enrich the experience of watching these movies. Alex Nôrinh is a great new discovery on the Kommando 6 label.

artist: Alex Nôrinh
label: Kommando 6
details: 12”, 4 tracks [K6 ­ XIV]