Alexander Robotnick – Oh no….Robotnick!

Alexander Robotnick is Maurizio Dami, an Italian musician/producer who has been working on a wide variety of musical genres since the 80’s. With this record he returns to his 80’s roots while “Oh no….Robotnick! is an electro album. The music minded public has been buried under numerous electro productions lately, so a musician has to come up with something very good to impress nowadays. Alexander Robotnick has made a record that is bound to impress.

“Oh no….Robotnick!” is a varied electro record that with each individual song refers to different genre of 80’s dancemusic. This record makes use of all substyles that have had an influence on the development of dancemusic. Alexander Robotnick does this without making an incoherent album and without sounding eclectic and old fashioned. A song like ‘Shout’ for example refers with it heavy bass sound and harsh beats to Electronic Body Music, while ‘Alienation’ is just a wonderful example of cold robot-like electro. Also a lesser dark side of dancemusic is being paid attention to, the track ‘Supermarket’ hints at electropop, and ‘La Differénce’ refers to Chicago house with its typical piano melody in it. The album ends in a way that couldn’t have been chosen better. Tribute it paid to the ancestors or electro, Kraftwerk, with the song ‘The small room’. This song makes use of the typical warm melodies that we know from the work of this group.

“Oh no….Robotnick!” is a very good electro record. The songs are overall characterized by an dark atmosphere and a harsh beat. Among all the recent electroclash hypes this is a welcome release. The funny thing is that someone that was already making music in the 80’s comes up with such a good record in the genre.

artist: Alexander Robotnick
label: Hot Elephant Music