Alexei Borisow ” Anton Nikkilä – Typical human beings

Both Alexei Borisov and Anton Nikkilä have been active as solo artists in the experimental electronic scene. This is their first cd together, although they have performed live with each other before.

The texts by Borisov seem to be the central part of this release. The Russian texts are read over an underground of strange noises that sometimes remember of distorted guitar tracks, then of far away machines working in a big factory. The fact that the texts are all in Russian makes everything even more strange. But for those who want to dive even deeper in the strange world of Borisov and Nikkilä all lyrics have been translated in the booklet.

I am not quite sure what tot hink of this cd. It intrigues me. It’s not easy, not to say it’s very heavy. But the combination of spoken dark texts, over strange alienating music pulls on me, makes me want to listen to this once again. Take the booklet, and read what Borisov is saying. A unique release, that will haunt my mind for some time.

artist: Alexei Borisow " Anton Nikkilä
label: N&B Research Digest
details: [NBRD-07]