A.L.F. & Bad feng shui – Killing Breaks

After the release of an album by break-core project Kirdec the new Belgium label PuZZLing Records has released this split lp. Like the first record this one is again filled with hectic beats, breaks and noises with often a dark atmosphere.

A.L.F. produces a mix of break-core, hip-hop and lots of samples. Due to the used cut-ups his music gets a sort of modern free-jazz feeling. Especially ‘JaZZoïd’ portrays this, also due to the samples of brass.
Bad feng shui sounds as experimental as A.L.F. In his music the hip-hop influences are also evident (‘Break killa’). Surprising is the atmospheric and relaxing ‘RCAO’. The slow beats and raw and freaky sounds are fused with a quite melody line in the background.

This lp is all except easy listening. PuZZling has shown with its first two releases and its announcement for the third (a compilation with more noises, breaks, et cetera) that it will be focusing on the more difficult and loud forms of electronic music. So expect more quality noises from them in the future.

artist: A.L.F. & Bad feng shui
label: Puzzling Records
details: 9 tracks [PuZZling02]