Alio Die / Ora – The door of possibilities

On this album we can find 4 tracks by Alio Die, 2 tracks by Ora, and one collaboration track between the two projects.

Alio Die is the project of Stefano Musso, an Italian musician who composes soft and meditative drones with a very organic character. Musso uses various instruments as well as a lot of nature recordings to create loops and drones.

Ora is a project of Darren Tate, Andrew Chalk and Colin Potter, three English musicians who also use a lot of environmental recordings as the source for their music. Ora?s music tends to be a bit more ?raw? or ?unrefined? than the music of Alio Die, but has a very comparable character. It is also very subtle and meditative, and uses natural sounds as a source.

Because these projects have a similar approach to making music, it is very hard to tell which track belongs to which artist, this makes ?the door of possibilities? sound as a whole instead of a collection of tracks by two individuals. Therefore, ?The door of possibilities? is a very successful and beautiful collaboration which reminds me of older Zoviet France releases now and then. It sounds a bit more ?industrial? than Alio Die?s other releases, and a bit more quiet than the Ora releases.

artist: Alio Die / Ora
label: Hic Sunt Leones
details: HSL 006 (1993/1994)