All My Faith Lost – As You’re Vanishing In Silence

These are the sounds I like best from Cold Meat Industry: dark, melancholy, moody, gloomy and tranquil. In short, All My Faith Lost has produced a beautiful album.

The sound of this band is dominated by acoustic instruments. What you will hear are down-tempo melodies played on piano, violin, guitar and flute. These sounds are supported by subtle synthesizer sounds.

While listening to As Your’re Vanishing In Silence you will enter another state of mind. For a moment the world just stops. It is as if you enter a sphere of total tranquility. No more words could describe or explain this. So, just stop reading, get this record and listen. Happy dreaming…

artist: All My Faith Lost
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 11 tracks, 2005 [CMI136]