Allerseelen – Alle Lust will Ewigkeit / Traumlied

Two songs from Allerseelen that can also be found on the “The Nitha Fields” compilation cd. This single is dedicated to Leni Riefenstahl, whose portrait is on the cover, taken from the film ‘Das Blaue Licht’, in which she played in 1932. On the back other film stills can be found. The vinyl itself has a nice blue color.

The songs are rather hard to describe. ‘Alle Lust will Ewigkeit’ is very repetive, with a constant loop of drum and horn sounds, combined with female vocals. The song “Traumlied’ is splendid, very moody and dreamlike, with whispered vocals and a dark bass, pointing forwards to their later album “Neuschwabenland”. This song also reminds me a bit of Endraum. ‘Immer schneller weiter schl?fen…’