Allerseelen – Archaische Arbeiten

Many artists are ashamed about their early work after some time. Allerseelen though has nothing to hide, and has released material taken from tapes originally published around 1989, in a digitally remastered version. The 16 untitled tracks are now available on a limited double album. I must confess I only have a cd promo copy, but I’ve seen the vinyl edition and it looks great, a gatefold sleeve with nice photos from Corsica and literary texts inside.

The sound quality is pretty clear, even better than on the first cd albums, though these will also be re-released on vinyl. The songs on “Archaische Arbeiten” are in sound not far removed from the first cd “Cruor”, though more minimal and less noisy, and probably more effective. The music is very repetive, with a clear hypnotic effect. Cold experimental instrumental tracks, with electronic loops, subtle industrial rumblings, ritual percussion, deep bass drones.

This dark ritual material is far removed from their recent mediterrenean and folky sound. “Archaische Arbeiten” is certainly worthwhile, it contains timeless and fascinating meditative music. More tape material from this period has recently been reissued on the double LP “Heimliche Welt”.

artist: Allerseelen
label: Ahnstern
details: 2lp, lim. 600 copies, 2004 [Ahnstern 1]