Allerseelen – Canco de Somni / Marqués de Púbol

The cover was the main temptation that brought me to buy this new single from Allerseelen. It contains, both on the front and on the back, a beautiful photo of an equally beautiful woman’s face by the Austrian photographer Helmut Wolech, reminding me of sculptures of angels on graveyards in southern Europe.
The single contains two great tracks. According to the sleeve, “these two surrealistic songs, a collaboration between the Austrian formation Allerseelen and the Catalan projects Circe and Dakshineswar, were recorded in spring 2001 in Catalonia”. Singer Rosa Solé plays an important part on the songs, that were re-edited by the Catalan musician Demian (O Paradis), who also plays bass.

This single is surrealistic both in sound and in subject matter, because ‘Marques de Pubol’ is a song about about Salvador Dali and his muse Amanda Lear, who in 1985 published a book about the years she spent with the famous painter. The elegant music and the irrestible rhythym fit in perfectly with the mysterious, seductive female vocals of Rosa Solé. The lyrics are in the Catalan language, just as with the other song on the single, Canco de Somni. This song sounds rather familiar, which is not so strange, because it is based on an older Allerseelen song, ‘Traumlied’. But it is not just a new version of this hypnotizing, dreamlike classic, but almost a new song. Again the female vocals add a lot to the atmosphere, and the music is very rich and more exotic than the original. I wouldn’t mind if these musicians made a complete album together!

artist: Allerseelen
label: Aorta
details: 7' single, 2 tracks