Allerseelen – Knistern / Löwin

Allerseelen is slowly building up a nice series of 7″ singles. They are always packaged and designed with care, and the songs on them often belong to Kadmon’s strongest material. Allerseelen seems to be moving further and further from the noisy industrial sound from their early days. This single is continueing a little on the southern European mood, which could also be heard on the album “Venezia” and the single “Canco de Somni”.

On the cover we see a nice late 19th century Symbolist painting: the religious but at the same time rather sensual “Engel mit Heiligenschein” by Louis Welden Hawkins. The sleeve further offers the (German) lyrics of the two songs, the mysterious ‘Knistern’ and the passionate ‘Löwin’, as well as a fragment from Hesse’s classic “Steppenwolf”.

The music on the single sounds surprisingly warm, without losing its melancholic appeal. The whispering voice and the repetive, infectious melodies get me hooked. The rhythms are certainly danceable, and together with the mysterious atmosphere they create a sensual feeling. This is especially the case on ‘Knistern’ a song which keeps you moving into the night, while you hear the ‘knistering’ sounds of the vinyl and of a burning fire. ‘Lowin’ sounds more mediterrenean and is pleasantly cheerful. It instantly makes me forget that it is freezing outside and I have to fight the urge to grab a glass of wine and dance on my balcony. Feel-good melancholy!

artist: Allerseelen
label: Aorta
details: 7', 2 tracks, limited to 800 copies