Allerseelen – Neuschwabenland

Some years ago Allerseelen was known for a raw, industrial sound, but things have changed in the camp of Kadmon. His style now can be described as ‘ fin de siècle military pop’. Neuschwabenland is a perfectly produced album, which could not always be said of its predecessors. I like this album quite a bit, the songs have nice melodies, original rhythms and sounds and a special atmosphere, making me think of ice and glass. One of the songs, ‘König’, is inspired by the track ‘Motionless’ from Kirlian Camera, a band where more songs on this album remind me of, although Allerseelen shows more emotions. One of the highlights is the irresistible title track, that could also be found on the ‘Wo die wilden kerle wohnen’ 7″.

artist: Allerseelen
label: Aorta
details: 14 tracks