Allerseelen / O Paradis – Funke / El Astro Rey

Another gem in the series of Allerseelen singles. After ‘Canco de Somni’ and ‘Knistern’ Gerhard takes us again to warm southern European territories. This time in colloration with the Catalan project O Paradis, whose member Demian was also involved on the ‘Canco de Somni’ single before.

‘Funke’ is again a fine example of the contemporary Allerseelen style. A warm atmosphere, a melody that gets you in its spell, a repetitive but effective rhythm, poetic lyrics, nice strings. “In der Wintersonnenwende / wird ein Funke in mir wahr / und aus diesem Funken / Entsteht ein ganzes Jahr.”

On the other side we find O Paradis, with a succeeded combination of moody Spanish folklore and atmospheric trip-hop elements. The song has nice vocals and an accessible melody. Beautiful, melancholic and mystical. This single certainly evokes some sparks!

artist: Allerseelen
label: Aorta
details: 7', 2 tracks. AOR706 (2003)