Allerseelen – Pedra

In 2003 Allerseelen did a special concert in Sintra, Portugal. A good occasion to release a limited mini cd, containing 3 new songs, inspired by the sacres stones of Sintra. It is also the first release for the Terra Fria label, which is related to the Dagaz Music webzine. The cute mcd is limited to 500 copies and comes in a small dvd-case, It has a booklet with photos of rocks by Gerhard, as well as lyrics of the songs in German and Portuguese.

The music is typical Allerseelen: the hypnotic vocals of Gerhard, the repetive loops and percussion, deep basses and subtle orchestral elements. ‘Steingeburt’, dedicated to the character ‘Diotima’ in the film ‘Der heilige Berg’, sounds rather robust, bringing to mind the rawer earlier works of Allerseelen. ‘Krieger aus Stein’, the title track, is inspired by the giant menhirs on Corsica . It is a rather funny, cheerful monotonous track, based on repetive string and bass loops and adorned by classical music reminding me of old movies. The third and final track ‘Unverändert’ is rather short and minimal and has again quite a number of cultural references: to the film ‘Das Blaue Licht’, the Rumer mountain in Tirol and the ‘Faldum’ text by Herman Hesse.

A nice mcd with typical hypnotic Allerseelen music. The three songs on this release can perhaps not compete with the best work on ‘Flamme’, but are certainly worthwhile.

artist: Allerseelen
label: Terra Fria
details: 3 tracks [tf001]