Allied Vision – O.S. Bandwidth

If I’m correct this is the third album of Allied Vision, a Spanish dark EBM act around Oscar Storm which has been active for quite some time. Already in 1997 they released the album “Unburied” on the legendary Zoth Ommog label. But the band never achieved a true top position in the EBM scene, perhaps their sound is too heavy and dense for that. Don’t expect a straightforward beat and the usual cliche distorted ‘hellraiser’ vocals. Allied Vision has a very dark, oppressive and uncompromising sound, with critical lyrics about the state of the world. A dark vision of cyber-technology.

The album is filled with complex electronic compositions, a dense rhythmic framework with loud beats, many layers of sound, manipulated aggressive vocals. It’s not easy to really get into it, because of the sheer power and lack of clear melodies. Listening to ‘O.S. Bandwidth’ is a tiring experience, I can’t keep it up for a full hour. I think this album sounds stronger than the previous work I know of them, more up-to-date and futuristic. The production is quite good as well. Perhaps I can place it somewhere between Hocico, yelworC and Velvet Acid Christ. It’s good music to release some steam and energy, though most tracks are rather complex for the dancefloors.

artist: Allied Vision
label: Intracraneal Possession