Alpha Conspiracy, The – Aura

I was very impressed by the debut album by The Alpha Conspiracy, entitled Cipher. The original mix of idm, electro and electronica on that album, with a nice mood and a clear production, really caught my attention.

Aura is the follow up. From track one the album is recognizable as being such. This second full lenght is built around more of those typical spacious, moody, but warm electronic sounds.

Don’t expect many new elements or influences on this new album. But, despite that Aura is again a very nice album, with some wonderful tracks like ‘Crush Terminology’, ’72 Hours’ and ‘City of Ruin’.

Both for people who like electronic pop music as well as somewhat more difficult electronics this album is one to try out. As it is the perfect mix between more intelligent electronic music and pop.

artist: Alpha Conspiracy, The
label: Diffusion Records
details: 12 tracks [DIF007]