Ame Immortelle, L’ – Wenn der letzte Schatten fallt

“Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt” is their third album. The strenght of the band comes most likely from the mixture of light and dark: classical ballads followed by dark electronic tracks, a beautiful female voice (Sonja) and heavily distorted male vocals (Thomas). After the instrumental title track, Gefallen immediately sets the tone, a typical L’Ame Immortelle track: a danceable beat, a catchy melody, Sonja singing, Thomas screaming. The biggest surpise is perhaps that on a few tracks Thomas is actually singing, without distortion! And according to me, it worked out fine, it makes their sound more varied, and one of the tracks, Changes, is even one of my favourite songs, rather poppy but very danceable. Another Day is a tearjerker in the vein of Bitterkeit and Life will never be the same again. Another highlight is Ich gab Dir alles, which is nicely built up, starting as a sad ballad, with Sonja lamenting. Then Thomas arrives, shouting out loud all his frustrations! Furthermore there are a few midtempo tracks with Sonja singing.
The limited edition of the album comes with a 5-track bonus cd, which is a bit disappointing. One unreleased track (Echoes), one song that was already on the “Tour EP”, and three not too interesting remixes. I also have to get used to the artwork, which is nicely made, but for me it doesn’t fit in with the music.

label: Trisol