Am`Ganesha`n – Beyond the Soul

A coulourful album by the French act Am`Ganesha`n, which features members of Rajna and Les Secrets de Morphée. They bring a rich musical mixture of folk, classical, ethereal and many oriental influences. Both western and ‘exotic’ music instruments are used, combined with various mostly high female voices. Ganesh, the elephant God of India, has a prominent position in the artwork.

Many songs have a sacred, ritual character, through the steady percussion and the ‘heavenly’ vocals. I knew the song ‘Illyria’ already from a compilation, the choirs makes me think of Elijah’s Mantle. The album has a good variation between softer classical passages and more uptempo percussion-driven tracks (like ‘Ashes` Dance’). A nice exotic trip. This pleasant album will certainly appeal to fans of Dead Can Dance (especially a song like ‘Ganesha’), Love is Colder than death, GOR and bands from the Prikosnovenie label. This album is from 2001, in 2003 Am`Ganesha`n released a second album called “Somnia” and the new album “Eleftheria” appears this month on the Holy Records label.

artist: Am`Ganesha`n
label: Holy Records
details: 15 tracks, 2001 [holy72 cd]