Ample Population – demo

This demo was sent to me half a year ago, but I must admit that it got lost under a pile of cd’s. Today it resurfaced again, so I thought, ‘let’s give it a try’. This demo cdr by Ample Population contains 3 tracks, lasting 14 minutes. I don’t know anything about this project, other than what one ‘Jasi’ from Maryland, USA wrote in my guestbook earlier this year: “Any fans of goth/atmospheric rock such as Joy Division, early Cure and moody prog rock like Radiohead must be on the alert for Ample Population, my band”.
The first song, ‘Red Cloud Afternoon’, is a moody, sombre song, with guitars reminding indeed of early 80’s wave, but also of early Death in June, especially through its atmosphere and the vocals. Quite nice, though the song could use a little more variation. ‘Road map’ is less accessible, with an unorthodox song structure, more in the direction of prog rock. I appreciate the third track more, ‘In your head’, a dark swirling ballad. Rather minimal, with low, moody vocals, reminding somewhat of Michael Gira.
Quite nice, this demo, I hope that Ample Population can built further on this material.

artist: Ample Population
label: self-released