Anassane – Lyra

The French label Prikosnovénie is specialized in folk/world music with a fairy-like character. They seem to have an unendless source of new talents. This time they have come up with Anassane, basically the project of Cécile Rabhi. She sings, plays keyboards and takes care of many percussive instruments, like darbouka, cymbals and bamboo sticks. Cécile is supported by a few guest musicians on guitar, while Fréderic Chaplain (Lys) handled some of the arrangements and programming.

The music of Anassane sounds quite minimal and tranquil, and also intimate and relaxing. It has an exotic, warm feeling through the subtle ritual percussion, the soft electronic sounds and the vocals. Cécile sings with a somewhat naive, soft voice. Her vocals on some songs, like ‘Sinda’, remind me of the voice of of Björk. A sweet and delicate album to get you in a sunny African spirit, though in general a little too soft and light for my taste.

artist: Anassane
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 9 tracks, 2004 [Prik088]