Android Lust – Devour, rise, and take flight

Devour, Rise, And Take Flight is the second album on Projekt from Android Lust aka Shikhee, who has her roots in Bangladesh. An album full of emotion, with tracks that vary a lot, but which have a root in industrial music and are mostly defined by Shikhee’s special, beautiful voice. From truly old school industrial to indefinable organ-sounds, from beautiful lovely songs to tracks with a very raw edge. It all works together to create an album full of tension, an album that keeps the listener excited.

Saying this, it is an album that is full of contradictions, not only in the music. The tracks themselves all are very good, but they seem to lack the power together to create a true album, the feel stays that of a compilation of tracks. The album is one that one can advise to many people, but still is not easy to listen to. An album that won’t sell itself, but still will be bought by everyone who heard it.

This might very well be the album that makes people more aware of Android Lust as an act. The album that leads to a breakthrough. Devour, Rise, And Take Flight has the quality for it. Not just for those who want to dance, but as well for those who like their experimental electronics to have some kind of song structure to it, but not too many refrains.

To finish it all in a very nice way, this album is packed in a way that is done well. A digipack with a very nice booklet. And then there is also the single of this album “Dragonfly”, a single on which Shikhee sounds like a live-version of Tori Amos at times, even though she is backed by pure electronica. A single that with the other tracks on the disc might persuade people to buy the full album as well.

artist: Android Lust
label: Projekt
details: cd, 12 tracks, 2006