Android Lust – Stripped & Stitched

Android Lust is one of those few dark electro acts that really stand out and have developed a sound of their own. Don’t expect any cheesy, easy listening dancefloor hits from this project. Most tracks are too difficult for the dancefloor. The rhythms and structures are too daring and the tracks aim at emotional impact not at club play.

Stripped & Stitched is a compilation album with a few remixes, a couple of acoustic versions of older songs and also some new tracks. The new songs are ‘Drown’ and ‘Sin’. ‘Drown’is a bit like Nine Inch Nails and new style I, Parasite. ‘Sin’ is a moody track that reminds me a bit of Delerium.

Very nice are the acoustic versions of ‘Refuse’ and ‘Burn’, both are very atmospheric.The highlight of the album is the remix version of ‘Another Void’. Like the original it is a wonderful track that redefines dark electro music. It is suitable for the dancefloor, but you can only dance to it when you already know the track.

Again Android Lust proves to be one of the most innovative and original dark electro acts of the contemporary scene.

artist: Android Lust
label: Projekt
details: cd, 11 tracks [PRO159]