Android Lust – The Dividing

Android Lust belongs, together with acts as Pulse Legion, Velvet Acid Christ and I, Parasite, to the heirs of legendary electro terrorists Skinny Puppy. On this second album Android Lust displays a less harsh, but still innovative sound. Except for a few tracks this album is not really a dance record. “The Dividing” concentrates even more on moods and sounds than the previous work by Android Lust. Songs like ‘Panic Wrought’ and ‘Unbeliever’ are good examples of this. There are still some danceable songs, like the first single ‘The Want’, on this album but in general this is not a club-orientated album.

“The Dividing” has a less electronic sound than its predecessor. Due to the use of a real drumkit on some tracks, and the use of additional instruments and/or samples of instruments like flutes, violas and cellos, this album has a natural feeling only seldom heard on electro records. The best track, ‘Another Void’, even has a sort of folk sound due to the sampled cellos. With this second record Android Lust has reaffirmed its position among the more innovative (dark) electro acts. “The Dividing” is a melancholy listening experience with a genuine and original sound.

artist: Android Lust
label: Dark Vision Media