Animal Collective – Who could win a rabbit

By now Animal collective has established a reputation for making strange pop like songs. This 7″ on fat cat is ofcourse no exception. Starting out with a track taken from the ‘Sung tongs’ album, Who could win a rabbit is a fast happy twisted pop song. The energy contained in this song is amazing. When hearing the track my first thought was this is simply crap. Everyone can do this. But something about the song is simply wonderful, and makes me smile.

The second track has the same quality. Baby day is a little slower, but equally wonderful. Everything seems to simply drop from the sky in the music of Animal collective. They simply catch it and paste it into wonderful catchy tracks. I release this is not for everyone, it is easy to hate this music. But if you like pop songs with a twist you should hear this.

artist: Animal Collective
label: FatCat Records
details: 7" [7FAT15]