Antigen Shift – This moment of cold remembering

A mini cd by Antigen Shift, a project of the Canadian Nick Theriault. His former releases which I heard, the split cd with detritus and the album “Implicit Structures” on Frozen Empire Media, showed a dense and harsh sound, noisy industrial which is worthwhile but hard to digest. On this Spectre release, with three tracks simple called ‘Phase 1, 2 and 3’, the overall sound is less loud, but even colder and threatening. The title of this cd is well-chosen!

‘Phase 1’ is a spine-chilling, clinical soundscape. ‘Phase 2’ is a great epic track, which combines slow and dark parts with some more rhythmic, breakcore passages. It has some excellent sounds and vocal samples. ‘Phase 3’ has a denser sound, with various layers of music and voices on top of each other, with a few noisy rhythmic moments, and also impressive.

Varied and well-crafted, tense and oppressive. As usual with an excellent production. An impressive mini cd, the best work I heard of Antigen Shift so far.

artist: Antigen Shift
label: Spectre Records
details: [s12]