Antimatter – Lights Out

Antimatter is the new band by ex-Anathema bassist and songwriter Duncan Patterson. The symphonic rock of the Anathema albums Eternity and Alternative 4 is continued and further worked out by Antimatter.

The band plays very slow and tranquil music. Luckily Antimatter doesn’t use as much notes in each song as some symphonic and progrock bands do. The compositions are kept sober and minimal, which makes the songs more like soundscapes with vocals then actual songs. Antimatter also displays its interest in trip-hop. One way to describe this band is like Pink Floyd meets Portishead, which is a very good description of their music.

Lights Out takes the listener to a sort of state of slumber with its slow and dreamy melodies and rhythms. Antimatter has made a beautiful and fragile album. This is perfect music for long winter nights.

artist: Antimatter
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 8 tracks