Antimatter – Planetary Confinement

After two records with electronic elements Planetary Confinement by Antimatter is a sort of unplugged album. Following an acoustic tour this album will be no surprise to the fans of the band.

An acoustic guitar, subtle drums, nice violin and dreamy vocals are the building stones of the dark but beautiful music on this record. Planetary Confinement has elegance. The slow songs create wonderful moods and make you stop doing what you where doing. It deserves, and claims, all attention.

Songs like ‘Epitaph’ and ‘Relapse’ are fragile and sad pieces that are perfect as a soundtrack for dark autumn days. Possibly Planetary Confinement is not a record to play every day but it is very beautiful.

artist: Antimatter
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 9 tracks, [PRO078]