Antique – Book One

This is the debut album of the new act Antique. Apparently they were formed in Calgary, but moved to Germany last year. Combining darkwave, classical and doomdeath elements they have created quite an ambitious effort. “Book One” is also the first release of the label Trostlos, based in Munchen. At the first notes I have to think of Lacrimosa a bit, classical-inspired darkwave. Other names that come to mind are Dargaard, Weltenbrand or Pazuzu. Later the music gets more doomy, especially through the grave low vocals. The compositions are quite varied and elaborate, almost reminding of a symphonic rock opera. With apparent ease the band manages to change from subtle orchestral parts to heavy metallish pieces. Especially the vocals go back and forth in style and mood. I think I never heard the combination of sweet panflutes and mean grunted vocals…

At times the band wants a little too much though I think, I have the feeling that they have enough ideas for three albums combined on this release. I like the more darkwave inspired tracks the most, like the first song ‘Take this sullen timber’. Personally I’m not so fond of the metal-style vocals on some tracks. Very beautiful is the classical ‘Essaying Paradise’, reminding me somewhat of Mortiis, which I find the best piece of the album. Also very succeeded is ‘No tears for the devil inside’, a haunting slow song, with very grave vocals and a slightly medieval atmosphere. Another nice classical instrumental piece is ‘Elysium Cascades’, a little more bombastic, In the Nursery-like.
Though not every song appeals to my personal taste, I think that Antique has demonstrated here to possess quite some ideas. Worth checking out if you’re into very dark darkwave and not afraid of some doom/metal influences.
You can listen to some tracks at

artist: Antique
label: Trostlos Records