Antony and Current 93 – Live at St. Olave’s Church

In the last years a lot of Current 93 related material has been released, including much stuff only suited for hardcore fans. Often with not much new material, but against fairly high prices. Various live offerings are already available, so you could ask who is waiting for this new mini cd, with recordings made in London, 2002. Well, I for instance, since I attented one of the two shows which Current 93 gave that weekend. Since it was a very memorable event, in a small intimate church with very impressive music, I’m very pleased with this ‘souvenir’. “Live at St. Olave’s Church” contains 6 tracks, three by Current 93, and three by Antony, who opened the evening. On the cover is a drawing by Antony, in the inside of the sleeve the tickets of the evenings are printed. If you ask me, they should have made a full-lenght release of these concerts!

Ant(h)ony played with only one Johnson, Maxim Moston on violin, while he accompanied himself on the piano. It was a brave and moving performance, where Antony sang rather restrained, though still with a lot of feeling and emotion. ‘You Stand Above Me’ is the short first song, where the sad piano and the cabaret-like high voice of Antony create a lot of melancholic feeling. It is followed by ‘The Lake’, based on an Edgar Allan Poe poem, a song full of loneliness. Antony also contributed to Lou Reeds recent conceptual Poe album. Then comes ‘Cripple and the Starfish’, Antony’s best-known song so far, here lovely performed. Unfortunately he did not play it on the night I attended, but I’m glad that I can hear the live version now, with emotional, almost whispered vocals, and a tender violin.

Then follow three Current 93 songs. David Tibet was supported by the gifted Michael Cashmore (Nature & Organisation) on guitar and Maja Elliott on piano. The short ‘Judas as black moth’, taken from “Soft Black Stars” is just painfully beautiful and touching, when Tibet sings ‘What monsters have we become?”. Then it’s time for ‘Sleep has his house’, one of the most impressive songs I’ve ever heard at a concert. The song was dedicated to David Tibets father, and he was very emotional, with tears in his eyes, singing without breathing, slowly building up the emotions, and almost shouting the text towards the end. The last song ‘walking like shadow’ is more intimate, it is taken from ‘Bright yellow moon”, acollaboration album with Nurse With Wound. It reminds me a little of ‘A gothic lovesong’. Almost spoken word and suble guitar work by Cashmore.
After less than 20 minutes this cd is over, making me crave for more tracks, or another concert…

artist: Antony and Current 93
label: Durtro
details: 6 tracks. [PanDurtro 007]