Anus Solaire, L` – Orifices

When I received this cd and noted the name of this project I found it to be something between stupid, hilarious, and disgusting. After looking a bit closer by checking out their website and the accompanying booklet I came to understand a bit what the philosophy behind this project is. Inspiration comes from De Sade, Wittkop, Artaud, etc, and sodomy is celebrated as the ultimate way of enjoying sex without reproduction.
The music offered reminds me a bit of some NON albums; constant drones and monotonous keyboards. Furthermore, occasional vocals and whipping-sounds. Although some fragments of the album really sound quite weird and frightening (which is good) I cannot say I find the album any good for the most part. I just sounds a bit too easy and uninspired, like somebody bought a keyboard, recorded some random chords and then mixed it up with some effects and sounds.
There are much better projects around in this genre.

artist: Anus Solaire, L`
label: self-released
details: cd, 12 tracks, 2004