Appareil – Judas Kiss

Most contemporary synthpop is very slick mainstream music. Appareil on the other hand has a sound of its own, with many references to the past but still modern. ‘Glory’ opens the record with a pounding beat, somewhat like old EBM or the contemporary minimal body music of Bastards of Love. The vocals call to mind an angry version of Robert Smith. With ‘Glory’ Judas Kiss instantly catches the attention of all listeners, also that of skeptics of the genre like I am.

The contrast between the opening track and the following piece ‘Nightvision’ is big. This track is like old style Depeche Mode, thus less raw and more poppy, but it is equally catchy, only in a different way.

From then on Appareil translates many aspects of classic synthpop into the contemporary style of their own. The beats are often louder then in the 80’s and some modern sounds pop up from time to time. But, there is also room for authentic synthpop arrangements and sequences.

You will hear references to new wave, new romantics and as said old EBM in the songs by Appareil. Highlights are ‘Congo’ and ‘Pasion Play’. The first has a lot in common with the early OMD sound while the second has something of Rational Youth to it.

Forget all the contemporary plastic pop and trance like synth music of the last years as here is Appareil to touch you how it should be done today.

artist: Appareil
label: Lobotom Records
details: 13 tracks [LOBOTOM11]