Arbre Noir meets Polygon – Traveller

A collaboration of two nice projects. In my review archive you will more reviews of Arbre Noir, Polygon and their Polymorph label. The packaging is stunning, as always.
In theory it’s an interesting combination: the soundscapes with space atmospheres of Polygon and the natural ambient with tribal elements from Arbre Noir. The album contains 6 long tracks, which are mostly rather tranquil. The tribal parts, which are often energetic in Arbre Noirs work, stay more in the background. We get layers of soft electronic patterns, adorned with nature sounds and acoustic instruments such as didgeridoo and congas. This combination works very well, creating a rich aural spectrum. The first song, the title-track ‘Traveller’, is especially very nice, reminding of some of the lighter work of Raison d’Etre.
Perhaps I like the individual albums of these two acts better than this collaboration, but still a nice cd. Very suited to relax to with your headphones on, or to play in the background while dreaming away.

artist: Arbre Noir meets Polygon
label: Polymorph
details: digipack, 6 tracks. released in 2001, limited to 900 copies.