Arc – 13th

Arc formed as a band in 1999 when Aidan and Chris Baker met with Christopher Kukiel in Toronto at the ambient live series called Ambient Ping. They decided that their music should be improvised, to keep all perfomances unique and fresh.

This release on Taalem seems no exception on that. This improvisation was recorded on friday 13th nov 2002. It starts out with mainly percussion and guitar, creating a ethic sound. Then slowly samples come in, and the percussion goes, leaving a deep loopbased drone. The second song has the same deep feeling, combining samples with guitar, percussion and drums. There are many layers to focus at, giving the music a time deep and warm feeling. Arc never looses itself in endless solos, giving the listener the opportunity to focus on the deep structure of their music.

You could compare this release to many bands, ranging from ummagumma style Pink Floyd, to Voice of Eye, to Subarachnoid Space. This release on Taalem should be heard by everyone that likes ethnic drones, you wont be bored.

artist: Arc
label: Taalem
details: 3' cdr, 20 minutes. (alm 10)