Architect – I went out shopping to get some noise

There are some records that become better after each playing turn. I Went out shopping to get some noise is such a record.

Architect is Daniel Myer, mostly known for his innovative electro-industrial act Haujobb. Already with Haujobb he experimented with idm influences but Architect is his true idm / technoide project.

Despite the fact that the title does suspect differently, there isn’t actual that much noise on this second Architect album. The often deformed sounds and distorted beats almost always stay subtle and the tracks atmospheric.

This is especially evident in ‘Colorado 6am’ that is built around a light distorted beat, but has a pleasant sound due to the subtle but dominant strings. The same counts for ‘Unlike’ where soft piano tones dominate the mood in a very nice way.

Very nice is also the cleverly put together track ‘Moonshine Live Version’, a cross-over between idm and Beethoven’s Mondschein Sonate’ with almost no rhythmic
structure. But even this track or the harsher ones like the dance orientated ‘Colorfusion’ and the bouncing ‘Grand Diesel’ aren’t very noisy.

There are many names of artistst that can be named as reference to Architect, with only Autechre, Panacea and Aphex Twin as the most obvious. It comes down to
this, that anyone with an interest in modern electronic music can buy I went out stopping to get some noise blind.

artist: Architect
label: Ant-Zen
details: 13 tracks [¥ 737]