Architect – The Analysis Of Noise Trading

Daniel Meyer is well known as electronic musician in gothic, industrial and idm/electronica circles. It is no secret his (early) work was in the tradition of Skinny Puppy. This new record is what Skinny Puppy could have been today.

It is a perfect mix of dark and harsh rhythms and melodies and breaks and ambiance. Tracks like ‘Vectorize’, ‘Suicide Lake’ and ‘Ulverized Substance’ balance between dancefloor beats and melodies and abstract rhythms and sound structures.

With this new Architect record Daniel Meyer proves to be the true heir of Skinny Puppy. The Analysis Of Noise Trading is an original album that is interesting for anybody that likes the more abstract side of electronic music.

artist: Architect
label: Hymen
details: cd, 11 tracks [?746]