Architect`s Eye – Motel Architecture

If Lycia’s Mike Vanportfleet and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor were to copulate, and one of them would receive a child rectally, undoubtedly, they would name it Architect’s eye. A little male child, with almost invisible batwings and crunching steel teeth. Both fathers make poppy, danceable music. Reznor a little more industrial, Vanportfleet a little more lush and gothic. Luckily, the little child called Architect’s Eye has received an equal percentage of both fathers genes. So when this child does something creative, for instance creating the cd ‘Motel architecture’ it is a nice balance between the two mentioned styles.

‘Motel architecture’ is a thick mix of poppy, danceable structures; of atmospheric layers with distorted, sampled guitars and whispered vocals. 21(!) tracks that are each very varied in itself, with different rhythms, minimal melodies and pleasant but ‘clean’ noisiness. The more calm tracks are nice as well. ‘Still life’ for example is very serene, immediately followed by the up tempo title track which is determined, as most tracks, by Jean Paul Braghins chilling whispers.
I wouldn’t call this music ‘dark’ in an ambient sense, since it is so full of catchy rhythms and swirling guitars that you are more likely to ‘move your body to the beat’ then enjoy the soundscapes motionless. I bet this record will be heard in the club circuit very often, it’s perfectly fitted for it.

The record lasts 75 minutes, so you have enough time to get your latex-suit out of the closet, put some torn stockings over your head or other body parts and give your nails a nice black shine. Since almost all of the songs are full of energy, you can be a happy gothic boy or girl and dance all night long in your personal bat cave.

artist: Architect`s Eye
label: Darkcell Digital Music
details: 21 tracks, 75:05 minutes, 2005