Arditi – Marching on to Victory

Arditi is a new project of M. Björkman and Henrik Möller, of Puissance fame. And that can clearly be heard! This is not an album for peaceful minds… “Marching on to victory” was recorded in 2002, and was released after the EP ‘Unity of Blood’, both released by the new label Svartvintras Productions.

Arditi has much in common with Puissance. Arditi sounds even less subtle though and more belligerent and politically incorrect. An overwhelming dark and bombastic sound, with threatening Wagnerian orchestral soundscapes, classical and choral layers, marching drums, noisy industrial loops, war samples, a strong militant atmosphere. Most tracks are bombastic, with a few more tranquil pieces.

I don’t think that the music of Arditi adds much to the bombastic orchestral genre which we already know from the likes of Predella Avant, Puissance, Von Tronstahl, In Slaughter Natives, Toroidh and the likes. I also miss a few real highlights, most songs more or less follow the same recipe. Still this bombastic powerful marching music can impress you if you’re in the right mood. Though far from original, fans of heavy martial orchestral music will be pleased by this one.

artist: Arditi
label: Svartvintras
details: 8 tracks [svp 011]