Arditi – Standards of triumph

In a few years time Arditi produced quite a string of releases on obscure labels. After a limited 7? single, they now release their first album through Portugal’s Equilibrium Music. The Swedish duo has not changed much about their concept. The blood, suffering and victories of the battlefield are translated into bombastic neo-classical hymns.

The title track directly sets the tone, with an orchestral basis, marching drums, choirs and speeches. It moves in the same trenches as the early Blutharsch stuff. In general, Standards of triumph does not contain any real surprises. A track like ‘Deathmarch’ stands out through its dark repetitive horn melody and oppressive synths. Further there are some more soundscape-like tracks present towards the end.

39 minutes is sufficient for this type of music, which tends to become tiring quickly. Compared to for instance their debut “Marching On To Victory”, the gentlemen Möller and Björkman have certainly evolved in their composition and production skills. Still I don’t find Arditi as convincing as for instance In Slaughter Natives or Karjalan Sissit. The fans of the martial genre won’t be disappointed though by this release.

artist: Arditi
label: Equilibrium Music
details: cd, 9 tracks, 2006 [EQM0014]