Argine – Le luci di hessdalen

There isn’t much that hasn’t been done yet in pop music. Take for example the cross-over between pop/rock and folk. Bands like The Levellers, Noir Désir and New Model Army have all become famous with it.

The Italian band Argine sounds like a combination of those three bands on their new album Le luci di hessdalen, but despite this they surprise with a very good modern folkrock album. This is especially surprising as the band was more dark folk orientated before.

Opening track ‘Radjodramma’ is an instant summer hit, a really cheerful and danceable song. Both more quite and heavier songs follow, just as the mood differs from cheerful to melancholy. ‘Girotondo’ and ‘Spina nel fianco’ are the most rock orientated and heavy songs, but even on these tracks the folky mood stays intact.

The folk pop/rock Argine plays is maybe not the most original, but with Le luci di hessdalen the band has made an excellent record to enjoy this summer (and of course the period after that…).

artist: Argine
label: Ark Records
details: 12 tracks [ARK003]