Argine – Luctamina in rebus

Italy has produced a large number of interesting bands that make neo-folk or medieval music, like Camerata M., Ataraxia, Anima in Fiamme, Spiritual Front or Lupercalia, to name just a few. Argine proves with their second cd (they also released a live vinyl record and a mini cd between the two albums) to be one of the most talented South-European acts. I already liked their debut, but this really is a step forward. Luctamina in Rebus is definately one of my favourite albums of this year. Their previous single ‘Memorie’ sounded a bit poppy, but this album is mostly filled with beautiful folk, gothic, and classical sounds.

Very striking on this cd is the variation in styles, instruments (the 5 bandmembers are aided by no less than 10 guest musicians) and moods. Argine demonstrates a great richness in ideas and talent here. Because of the variation each song is a little surprise. On the album you will find alternating male and female vocals, beautiful string playing and great melodies. It’s hard to pick a favourite track, for some reason the songs seem to form a coherent whole. I’ve listened to this album quite a lot now, but I can’t get enough of it. Recommended!

artist: Argine
label: Oktagon
details: 15 tracks, booklet with lyrics