Argine – Memorie

Four songs can be found on this new mcd by the Italian formation Argine, whose album ‘Mundana Humana Instrumentalis” made a good impression on me. Of this album one song is present, ‘Corpo ed anima’ in a remixed version. This is a wonderful folky song with melancholic strings and nice female vocals, this remix seems to be a bit slower and has added some beats and electronic sounds. The openings track of the mcd, ‘Introitus’, is a bit of a weird instrumental piece. The title track, ‘Memorie’, is present in two versions, a remix and a single version. This is a rather poppy, catchy song, in the remix version even very danceable! It reminds me a bit of the more poppy work of Kirlian Camera. I doubt if all Argine fans will like this remix, but I can appreciate it a lot. The single version has more folky elements. This mcd, released by the Italian label Oktagon, comes with an insert sheet with lyrics.

artist: Argine
label: Oktagon
details: 4 tracks, limited to 555 copies