Argine – Rifrazioni

A compilation of rare material and a few tracks by the wonderful Italian formation Argine. A few songs from samplers, two tracks from their mcd ‘Memorie’ and four previously unreleased pieces. Though I have most of the previously released tracks, it’s still pleasant to have them all one one cd. The cd comes by the way with an additional colourful text booklet. When you hear these songs you’ll notice how easily Argine moves from one style to another, while remaining recognizable. Folk, classical, wave., medieval, even synthpop on the remix of ‘Memorie’. Gifted musicians, with varying line-ups and instruments on each song.

One of my favourites is ‘Come un servo da mantice’, with great moving violin by Alfredo Notarloberti and warm vocals and classical guitars by Corrado Videtta). Simply beautiful is the piano ballad ‘Solitudo’. ‘Corpo ed anima’ remains one of Argine’s best ‘hits’, with lovely female and male vocals. ‘Memorie’ does it well at every new wave dancefloor. ‘Vene d’acereo’ is a good uptempo track, with energetic percussion. Of the new material, especially ‘Von Aschenbach’ is really outstanding, one of their best tracks so far. A worthy closing track and highlight is the title track ‘Rifrazione’, taken from the “Tempus Arborum” sampler. It has a sensitive start and a cheerful catchy refrain.
A compilation without weak moments! And this isn’t even a best of…

artist: Argine
label: Ark Records
details: 11 tracks [ARK 002]