Argine – Roma

This Italian formation was one of the biggest relevations of 2001. Their cd “Luctamina in Rebus” got really good reviews almost everywhere. Argine proved to have an unique, own style, with elements from neofolk, medieval, classical and postpunk music. Earlier I already appreciated the debut album “Mundana Humana Instrumentalis” and the mini cd “Memorie”, so I had no doubts whether I would like this live album, that was only released on vinyl. And indeed, it turned out to be a very nice album. Sometimes live albums can be disappointing because the sound quality is bad, or because the songs sound exactly the same as on the studio releases, but this release doesn’t suffer from both problems.

The sound is very clear, and on stage the songs are given a new dimension. The album was recorded live in Rome in 1999, and the atmosphere is so great that I hope to see a concert of this band soon. Most songs present here are from the debut album, except ‘Vene D’acero’ and ‘Eterno Occidente’ that can be found on “Luctamina in Rebus’. Furthermore the album starts with two calm instrumental pieces, Introitus I and II, that manage to build the tension to a high level. Compared to the studio albums the songs have a more direct, energetic feel. They sound less subtle when performed live, but I think this way they have the most impact. On this live album Argine again shows its quality and versatily.

artist: Argine
label: Misty Circles/Oktagon
details: 11 tracks limited to 500 copies.